Restaurants in Finland

Restaurants in Finland

This guide is extracted from Helsinki Happens, a free English Language magazine for visitors to Helsinki (http://www. You may want to try some Russian restaurants as those in Helsinki are rated to be the best outside St. Petersburg.

Lappi Restaurant is a piece of Lapland tucked away in Helsinki, on the corner of Annankatu and Kalevankatu. Its long-standing popularity is based on serving traditional Lappish cuisine, originating from Muonio. The variety of dishes served in Lappi is indeed delicious and exotic. The restaurant is richly decorated with images of the aurora borealis, drawings and sketches by northern artists, and pictures of raindeers and elks. The interior is covered with genuine wood brought from Lappish, the tables and chairs are made of wooden logs, comfortably curved to follow the suite. The friendly staff is dressed in traditional Lapland costumes.

The Finns enjoy a sunny afternoon chatting with friends at a cafe near the harbour in Helsinki.

A converted warehouse by a lake in Kuopio is an enjoyable venue for an outdoor summer drink or meal.

Fine dining

Chez Dominque
Tel: 612-7393
A highly imaginative French-Scandinavian gourmet restaurant with attention to season and detail.

G.W. Sundman’s
Tel: 622-6410
The former sea captain’s house has an experimental spirit of Scandinavian flavors.

Tel: 647-662
A comfy classic restaurant with international gourmet dishes exploiting the best of fresh Finnish produce.

Kaarlen Kruunu
Tel: 6612-999-77
A gastronomic delight, serving from an open-plan kitchen.

Tel: 622-2633
Located in an old red-brick warehouse, this restaurant offers historic atmosphere with quality taste and good service.

Kamp Restaurant
Tel: 576-111
Pricey yet excellent international flavors and a broad selection of wines in a glorious, thoroughly restored interior.

Tel: 6128-5300
Has the reputation of having the best price-quality ration of all the finer restaurants in the city. The marvelous dining room is one of Alvar Aalto’s most celebrated designs.

Tel: 6128-5500
Exceptional quality international cooking, a broad selection of fine wines.

Ethnic Eateries

Antiokia Atabar
Tel: 694-0367
Tasty Turkish flavors and belly dancing on weekend nights.

Tel: 477-1960
One of the first truly ethnic restaurants in Finland still has the reputation for serving the best Indian cuisine in town. Pricey yet delicious.

Tel: 7425-5500
The romantic atmosphere of Czarist Russia offering many Russian specialties and delicacies. Russian troubadours nightly.

Tel: 685-6850
Traditional Thai food in the Far Eastern venue has many vegetarian dishes. Reservations recommended at weekends.

Tel: 666-797
A small cozy restaurant with full-flavoured spicy dishes and Latin American ethos. Good lunches.

Lotus Lounge
Tel: 856-85-750
The Oriental atmosphere with tasty Chinese dishes at reasonable prices.

La Petite Maison
Tel: 102701700
Cozy, modest interior serving classic French cuisine with appropriate wine.