Finnish sayings

Finnish is rich with sayings and wisdom. These proverbs have been passed from one generation to the next by oral tradition in time-honoured fashion.

Here is a selection:

  • The visitor has two choices, to come or to leave.
  • Enjoy coffee when hot, a maiden when young.
  • Age does not give you sense, it just makes you go slowly.
  • Rather a summer without a cow than Christmas without a wife.
  • Love makes you blind; marriage opens your eyes wide.
  • Even horses kick you when they love you.
  • The truth won’t burn in fire.
  • A fool boasts of his horse, a madman of his wife, the unable of his children.
  • Each household lives by its own customs.
  • Behave in the sauna as you would in a church. „ Closeness without conflict only exists in the cemetery.
  • Tears from long joy, a fart from long laughter.
  • Once uttered, the word won’t return to the mouth.
  • The money will buy your way into society, but a horse will take you there.
  • The brave eat the soup; the timid die of hunger.
  • A man comes back from beyond the sea, but not from under the sod.
  • Envy will kill the fish in the sea.
  • Remember what the fleas say in the sauna: you»re just a man like any other.
  • A cat’s delight is a mouse’s plight.
  • Don’t jump before you reach the ditch.
  • He who wants to climb a tree must begin at the bottom and fly when at the top.
  • The shoemaker’s children never wear shoes.