Finland is not like other European centers. This is so unusual, alluring and appealing world for us. Enjoy gorgeous polar lights, midnight sun, virgin nature with clear lakes and wild-living fauna here. The country is proud of its talented writers, artists, and designers. And, of course, I cannot help telling about “the pearl of the north”, a real “Christmas Tale” – Santa Klaus!

Polar night Finland

Finland is the best place on the planet to view the northern lights. As a rule, if the sky is cloudless, the polar lights is clear to see about 200 days for a year. Can you just imagine such a breathtaking play of colorful lights, fascinating colorful blinks, and glints? This natural phenomenon would leave only sweet memories in your soul. That is why Polar Lights “hunters” in love with Finland and appreciate its nature.

Midnight Sun Finland

Midnight Sun or White Night is a magical, special and unusual time for Finland, as well as for any other Nordic country. That is a really memorable event for people who appreciate the beauty and amaze of nature. Midnight Sun appears usually in June, but it starts in May in the most northern parts of Lapland. There is an interesting tendency: the sun shines much longer if the region is northern than other areas.

Finland sauna

Have you ever heard about famous “Finnish Sauna”? As strange as it may sound, sauna for Finns can be compared with Russian bath or Turkish Hamam. This is a national and cultural tradition well-known around the world. According to the official statistics, the ratio of saunas to the number of inhabitants is about 1 to 3. No one wonders finding a sauna in house or apartment. For the contrary, its lack is strange and even weird. You won`t believe, but Finnish Parliament has a sauna too!

Finland lakes

Finland is affectionately called “The Land of a Thousand Lakes”. Although, in fact, there are the much bigger amount of lakes. According to some information, the figures reach about 188 thousand (so, a great part of Finland is hidden under the water). They all have different shapes and sizes: from huge lakes called Giants, until very tiny water bodies, that affect and impress tourists with its beauty and crystal pristine purity.

Nature of Finland

Finland is a huge nature reserve, two-thirds of which are decorated with blue lakes, and the other third is just buried in endless green forests. A lot of wild animals and birds live right there, in the natural environment. Any tourist is able to admire rich fauna through special excursion tours and nature reserves.

Ski holidays in Finland and Finland resorts

Finland will impress everyone, even the most capricious tourist by its incredible variety of winter activities: luge, skiing, snowboarding, and any other sports. The climate at the territory of Finland is considered to be perfect. That’s why there are about 75 ski resorts, most of which are located near human settlements. However, the biggest and the most popular resorts are located on the Finnish Lapland hills. Unlike other European ski centers, resorts in Finland is famous for its breathtaking beauty of virgin nature, combined with well-equipped ski slopes and illumination.  Fully enjoy your holidays here at any time of a day!

Finland design

Finnish brands «Marimekko» and «Iittala» have a huge demand on the market nowadays. These companies are very popular among the population for over a decade! Anyway, time goes by, and new young Finnish designers break into the star world and reach the top of fashion making a sensation at every exhibition.

Finland Santa Claus

Who has not imagined meeting Santa Claus? Every child dreams to ride on his sleigh with reindeer team and play with funny elves which wear merry pointed shoes with bells. Who does not love Christmas? Of course, everyone admires this fairy holiday, especially children. Winter is exactly that magical time when everyone, even adults demand miracles and grandmother`s warm tales. And Finland can give it to you! The official residence of Santa Claus is located right here, in the Arctic Circle, and everyone can visit it. Treat yourself and your lovely people! Let’s immersed in a real fairytale!